PRO TECH PACKAGING has broadened its range of services and now sells and rehabilitates :

  • Bag manufacturing machines.
  • Printing units for all flexible packaging materials flexography and rotogravure.
  • Winding and unwinding to service all rotational machines.
  • The coating head of rigid construction, easy in its operation and economical coating units, paraffin application, lacquering, varnishing.
  • Lamination
    for wet, dry and warm lamination, with or without solvents.
  • Transversal and horizontal cutting machines
    independent or coupled.

PRO TECH PACKAGING designs unwinders and other units intended to improve your machines output.

You will be able to recycle your equipment at low cost while increasing your productivity and the profitability of your machine.

With small investment, your production capacity will improve significantly without changing the whole infrastructure of the company.

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