the marketing and restoration specialists of equipment for the wrapping industry

presents to you its range of new, second-hand and renovated products:

  • Machines used for the processing of paper bags
  • Printing machines used for all types of versatile wrapping materials using flexography and heliogravure techniques
  • Winding and unwinding systems for all types of rotary machines
  • Cut-offs (independent or jointed)
  • Machines for lamination (humid, dry, solvent or solventless lamination)
  • Gum-fill machines (gum-fill, waxing, lacquering, varnishing...)

PRO TECH PACKAGING has been in the international wrapping industry for more than 30 years.  We guarantee you products and services of a very high standard that will not only improve your machines' profitability but also their productivity.  We work with brands known worldwide such as Holweg, Windmoeller, Beasley, Cerutti, Romotec....

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